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Have you ever wondered about the development of medications or medical treatments that could one day improve the health and quality of yourself along with the possibility of millions of other people?

Clinical trials are a fundamental part of this process. Volunteer participation in paid clinical trials is essential for the development and approval of new medications and medical treatments.

Medical Research International values its volunteer patients the most.  We value your safety, your comfort and your well-being above all else.


    Benefits of Being a Volunteer:

    • Free access to new investigational treatments and/or medications
    • Free medical care by medical doctors during the trial
    • You may receive compensation for time and travel
    • Access to new treatments before they become available to the public
    • Quality care focusing directly on the patient’s medical condition
    • New alternatives for patients when standard treatment may be insufficient


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    5712 S. Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73109

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